Saturday, October 11, 2008

And we continue

It's coming, 5 days and counting down. Two tasks at hand; 1) Prep and refresh myself with the names and resumes of people expected to be there, and 2) Ensure I make my flight...all of them. On time even.

After missing last year I'm pretty amped to get back, and it's way to cold right now to not justify heading off to Texas. A few extra friends are going this time around, or perhaps I just know a couple more people than before - but it makes for good times.

Of course, it's business and as such must be embraced accordingly without the lure of infinite Absolute and Dos Equs...For me though my goal is a simple evolution from two years ago. To be a little more vocal, a little more confident and most of all just on par. Two years ago I was there with some slight apprehension "what the hell am I doing here"? I'd think at times. Now for some reason I feel like I belong a little more and not because of any real progress in terms of credits or anything like that - but just because I believe enough in my own abilities that I know what I'm there for and what I want.

Until then - I'm hoping to finish my outline on a rewrite, something long overdue. And complete some needed viewing.

And make sure I know when my flight is.


Brett said...

I tell a lot of first timers at AFF "getting here the first time shows you are interested, but showing up the second time shows you are serious."

Good job, canucky-boy.

But DO try to fix that snoring of yours....
silent sleeper B

Anonymous said...

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Patrick J. Rodio said...

hope you have a great 2010!

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