Friday, August 25, 2006

So Far...So Good?

Test images from my upcoming comic. No text, and some images ommited for reasons I won't share yet...

Hate it, love it?


When the time is proper, I'll start posting finished pages...I gotta get all of them right, and then sit down and edit/letter with the Letterer.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Shining Prospect of having 30 Days Of Night

Steve Niles is a twisted son of a bitch. Scratch that. Ben Templesmith is a twisted SOB. Well, perhaps in unison they just creat a hybrid of twisted bitchery that devours itself and flings its excrement upon glistening white banks of snow- just to show you that it could.

Whatever your fancy, these two continously prove that they are cast aways from the norm and we're all much better off for it.

I myself tend to dislike horror- films, books, comics. It's mainly due to the same reasons I don't like comedy. There's just not enough to think about. But that's my issue...

And though Niles doesn't encapture all that I find grand in storytelling- he does a damn good job at making me worry that I'm missing something. And Templesmith makes sure I know.

The eerie images sprawled along the grotesque and bloody pages of the series 30 days of Night are proof- 10 fold. A great vampire premise (and seriously- how many times have they really been great?) about the little town of Barrow, Alaska where once a year darkness falls for 30 days. And the story picks up in due course...and the blood begins to trickle.

I won't disclose the series, because it's been out for a long time- losing some luster in recent spinoffs like - 30 days of night- IN SPACE...But, I did want to mention - and threaten- that the film adaptation of the series is in pre-production. And damn god men and women- don't fuck this one up. Anytime a revered series goes to film it's a dice roll- we've seen it countless times. Sometimes it's bankable, sometimes it's laughable. 30 days' should fall somewhere in the 'I Shit my pants it was so good' category, assuming they do it right. And appropriately...

David Slade takes the helm. And if nut grinding is something you look for in a movie- this may be the man for the job. Hard Candy, a low budget thriller, was a dark romp that can make the manliest of men cringe- and not in a good way. Let us hope he keeps the same intensity.

I'd also like to note- Ben Templesmith is currently doodling, among other projects, FELL, written by the best writer around- INTERNET FUCKING JESUS - AKA Warren Ellis. Fell is perhaps one of the best series going for the price- largely due to Templesmith's perfect imagery for the mood, and Ellis' spot on story telling. Though, FELL will likely never become a movie- it's definitely worth the reads.

Solid Reading

Just wanted to drop a link, perhaps even try to keep posting.

Writing has become hard for me. I'm stuck amongst editing a script I wrote, that three people have rewritten- just to give back to me to edit- so I can later polish before filming; a treatment for a script I've rewritten 5 times that needs to be sent away prior to my one and only vacation this year, come Sunday; and more importantly...

Kicking my lil buddy's nuts from across the country. Lil buddy being my artist. See, this kids a good guy, mostly. Solid artist. Very solid, actually. But he's young...and sometimes it shows. He gets caught up in things he doesn't need to, finds reasons not to get work done, or to wait for approval...and so on.

Difficult to blame someone whom is not being paid to draw, or myself for not wanting to write when there is no glimmering payday at the end of the caved in tunnel I seem to have found myself running through.

Motivational skills abound from my blackened heart- can't you tell?

Anyway- while I drift slowly over the keys and pretend to smash out something of merit, I have happened to take a few moments to read a new comic, published by ONIPRESS.

I've never really liked too much Oni has put out, but I am selective with what I buy- Not because of financial reasons or high standard snotness- but because I could care less for superhero's and re-contrived storylines better suited back twenty years- ever so apparent even through the new 'updates'.

But this one I dig. For many reasons. Tight writing, with some quality to the dialogue that really a lot of comics lack. Art is fit for the style- though I tend to like detail...this still works.

WASTELAND- New series by Anthony Johnston & Christopher Mitten. Worth a read. I had never heard of either of these two- but I fail to remember don't hold it against me if I should have. But in the brief pick ups of comics last week I saw a cover that stuck out- saw the black and white- read a brief page and saw that it clearly wasn't the average new release. As a result of the first and second issues...I will continue to follow.

So should you...

Now- find me some option rights!!