Saturday, April 15, 2006

Dreamescape -- news---

For anyone that knows, or doesn't...

Dreamescape is an optioned feature that's been tossed around north of the border for awhile. After some rewrites, some more rewrites and then some went out this week to the two companies that have been going back and forth discussing co-pro...

And I got my first response today--

"James- man. It all makes so much more sense. We have a way more clear vision now. Good work."

Right. Okay. Good.

This is, I suppose, what I was going for...I'll update more later. When i'm not so depressed about it. Toning down an idea to the point that every dipshit understands it is something I just can't get excited about. But, all's well that ends in a pay day.

Sincerly yours~

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

So, I figure, the reason I started this was to somehow see myself in the same light as the other people in this little globe of scripting...that's really just turned into a community of screenwriters bitching or tossing updates or congrats...or any other fucking thing they can pass on-- in a blog. That's right, no more writing the lessons you want to pass on in a movie that hopes to live through the ages. No, now we have blogs. Same message, bout half the effort.

So here goes my first real post on writing--

This, is me (wave hello). I suppose, god forbid, I am a writer. Features mainly, novel in progress and some other non-sensical crap somewhere in the oven...

You do not know my work. You do not know me. You have not heard of me, or know anyone that does. This is all okay. Because that's not my priority in life. My only priority is give me life some direction so I don't swallow a bowl full of meth, or start going to church on a head full of acid. Cause lets be honest...the priests don't need that and neither do I.

I managed to finish up on a rewrite yesterday...a spec I optioned some 18 months ago( reoptioning etc...)...and after a year and a half of notes, a couple of rewrites, it's safe to say one thing-I have no clue what the hell I started out with but I know this script isn't even close. I can kill babies, that's not a problem...but I honestly can't tell you what the hell this thing I've just written is. It's not me. It's not typical. It's probably not any good. And I'll probably make money because of all of the above. But lets move along...

Why do I write, if this is the end result? Well for one, rent. And secondly, because I still get to do things for myself that don't matter shit all to anyone else. Where I don't need to pile down 3 pots of coffee just to get through the night editing my own piss grammar and spelling (yes, I know...fuck off)--'s for this...this is why I actually still love it...

Yeah...cause I can write stuff...and then some dude across the county draws his version of it...and it looks this fucking cool. No producer giving Director taking his own spin on it...nope. Just some dude, drawing something cool, because you inspired the images inside him. You inspired creation. That's why I still love writing...cause we can all be catalysts and not just whores...that being said- original prints are going for 40$ canadian. (which is about a can of pop and a burger...he's a starving he'll probably accept just a piece of lettuce).

Saturday, April 08, 2006

"There's a lot of ways to view the world. Why pick the way you learn over tv? Cause it's usually wrong. Have you ever seen a positive drug story on the news? Never. News is supposed to be objective isn't it? It's the news. But, every drug story is negative. Well hold it...I've had some killer fucking times on drugs. Let's hear the whole story."

"Same LSD story everytime, and we've all heard it- Young man on acid thought he could fly, jumped out of a building. What a tragedy....

"What a dick. If he thought he could fly, why didn't he take off from the ground and check it out first? You don't see ducks catching elevators to fly South. He's an idiot. He's dead. Good!

"How about a positive LSD story for once?"

"Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed into a slow vibration. That we are one conciousness, experiancing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream. And we are the imagination of ourselves....Here's Tom with the weather."
~bill hicks...

Friday, April 07, 2006

"Art is the clothing of a revelation"

Often, this is a notion tossed around and disregarded and used simply as nothing more than gateway to explanation of the misunderstood. It should not be so. Revelation is a selfish act, a certain inexplicable conscious realization of the esoteric plane, internalized and then manifested into a productivity of measurable change. Art is, can or should, this clothing of ones measurable change and to explain it is to lose the very grasp of its meaning, as it is altered through different eyes.

“Participate joyfully in the sorrows of life”

The clothing of such revelations does not come from standstill motion in life, nor the revelations themselves. They are realized only in the participation of ones surroundings, be they known or unknown. Without a thrust outward, there is no inward reaction. Only through change can one see the past clearly. Hindsight is not 20/ is the remnants of death and the rebirth of hope.

“This is an essential experience of any mystical realization. You die to your flesh and are born to your spirit. You identify yourself with the consciousness and life of which your body is but the vehicle. You die to the vehicle and become identified in your consciousness with that of which the vehicle is the carrier. And that is the God.”

To embrace life is not to embrace others, but to embrace ones self. It is not life to repeat another’s words, but to create your own as change by such words previous. There is nothing past, present or beyond, which you do not create for yourself- no matter its reflection on the conscious plane or its embodied soul in the subconscious-- that which you do not embrace, does not become real, does not permit change, does not create a revelation- does not create art. Those that seek to have you explain your art- do not embrace their own.

create your own - this is mantra