Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas

Time to forget about writing lulls.

Have a very Merry Christmas, be safe and true to you and yours...

And if the kids are bad, show them this...

And a couple more...

Happy Holidays...

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Blackout Came Before the Fade...

One of the things I think anyone comes to terms with in their own special way is excuses. I've got tons of them. The Ace in the deck is always the Full Time Job. The truth is, however, my job is pretty great. I'm a computer technician, software/hardware , on Vancouver's Metro System. It's our subway, 'cept it's raised in the sky- thus- SKYTRAIN is its name. (NOTE: Whenever I tell this to people that aren't from here they say "like a monorail" - yes, except no. Mono would mean one, we have many tracks)

But the job is good, I'm good at it, it gives me lots of benefits and usually a fair amount of time. So really- the only bad thing is that I'm up at 5am every morning, home at 2pm- and I usually find myself napping sometime between 4-7pm.

Well, still plenty of time to write? Right?

Lately it seems I've found other things to preoccupy myself with- Gift Buying has been #1. This is something I've always enjoyed, I like finding things for friends that I know they'll like, dropping it off at their house a couple days before Christmas. Done deal. I'm not someone who agrees to exchange gifts- I just get my friends things I think they'll enjoy around this time of year. It's my time, so I enjoy it.

This year has been a big one too- but that being said, I'm all but one present away from done. My brothers. Whatever it ends up being- it'll be at the bottom of a deep freeze- frozen solid. Merry Christmas Brother. ;P

Right, writing...almost forgot...

As I was so enthusiastic a couple of weeks (months?) ago- about a project that I've nailed the first act of...I've fallen off the path. Not the story, just the legwork on the trail.

And it started with this.

A week and a half without water. Running water. Vancouver was hit with massive storms that raised the turbidity level to record levels and effectively shut us down from some common day things. This became a bit of a thorn in my side- as the murky water wasn't going to wash my clothes (I wouldn't let it), I can only do so much with bottled water for cooking...etc. It really wasn't bad- it just put me in a bad mood. Kind of a lethargic attitude towards a lot.

And then this past week...sweet sweet past week. When the lights turned off. For me- about 60 hours. Almost three days. I got it back tonight. And shit man- my house was cold, arctic cold. Blankets and candles abound. But- I'll spare further details of stubbed toes waking up in the morning trying to find pants to wear.

This past couple weeks just sorta sucked a lot of life from me. Mentally at least. Getting up and finding the push to write just hasn't been there. Most likely because I'm weak. I know things shouldn't get to me so easily- but this past month they really have.

Fucking hell...

But, I did one thing to force myself back into the mood of story and tone...I started reading again- lots and lots (not much else to do beside a candle).

I had a goal for this script- and it seems I'll likely miss it by a long shot. So I'm disappointed with myself. I did however managed to fire up my laptop moments ago and lay out the next 60 pages in SLUGLINES. Something I've never really done- but hoped it'd get me going-

And it did. I know the second act to the end, now I just gotta fill in the blanks...we'll see.

Sorry Julie- this one might be a late present- I'll send some cookies instead.

Tonight, I'm sleeping with the light on and water running-